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Medical Records

Our computer-generated information has proven to be effective at reducing medication errors and inappropriate drug regimens while providing an up-to-date source of drug information for each patient, resident or inmate in a legible manner. We have a dedicated long-term care staff trained to identify side effects and inappropriate drug therapy.

We work with each facility to establish the format for the medical records that the staff can use most efficiently. These records can identify potential duplication of therapy, interactions and side effects. In the event of a drug recall, we can immediately provide a list of patients on medication. Our goal is to help you get the right dose to the right person, at the right time.

Samples of our computer-generated medical records include:

Treatment Administration Records

Physician Order Sheets

Medication Administration Records (Kardex)

PRN Medication Records

Patient Profile Reviews

Drug MARs, upon request, will review a specific patient profile for possible drug interaction possibilities, potential side effects, therapeutic duplications, and appropriateness of the medications being administered, with the diagnosis noted in our system.

We provide recommendations and suggestions for the facility to discuss with the prescribing physician(s). Our on-staff pharmacists can answer questions about medications, side effects and other concerns.


Drug MARs provides many informational reports for the facility to utilize to make informed decisions on a particular patientís drug regimen. Ad hoc reporting is available upon request. Other reports include:

  • Drug Interaction Reporting
  • Potential Side Effect
  • Laboratory Scheduling
  • Therapeutic Class Reports
  • Therapeutic Duplication
  • FDA Recall and FDA Expanded Drug Warnings


Drug MARs provides Monthly and Supplemental Newsletters that can be used as educational tools for all staff members. Topics include:

  • New Drugs and Dosage Forms
  • How to Administer Medications
  • New Administration Techniques
  • Which Medications Can and/or Cannot be Crushed
  • Side Effect and Drug Interaction Information
  • FDA Drug Recalls and Expanded Drug Warnings